Why are school buses yellow?

Isn’t it strange that everywhere there is a norm of painting school buses with a different shade of Yellow, a glossy yellow with a tinge of orange. A school bus can be of any color than why they are determined to be painted yellow. Is there any scientific reason behind it? Let’s check the logic

School bus yellow

Here’s Why School Buses Are Always Yellow

The safety of the children is the main reason for this. Color has always been important to our daily routine. All colours have a separate wavelength. Among the various components of white light red color has a maximum wavelength (approximately 650 nm). This means that red color is highly visible, even from distance. But as we all know that the color red is associated with danger so the researches choose the yellow as the next most attention-grabbing color.

In fact, scientists have concluded that people can see yellow objects in their peripheral fields. This means yellow objects are visible even from the corners of our eyes. Yellow color has around1.24 times better visibility than the red color objects. If we look at many colors together then also yellow color first attracts our attention. Unlike red, yellow is also more easily noticed in a dark environment. So in times of rain, fog, dew or snow , yellow vehicles can be better noticed. Even if you are looking straight ahead, you can see a yellow object that is not directly in front of you out of the corners of your eyes.

Yellow colour’s distinctive appearance to grab the attention immediately is the reason behind painting school buses. The black lettering on yellow is the easiest color combination for drivers to see in the darkness of early morning when students are being picked up for school.

In short, yellow is attention-grabbing color, making everyone alert on the road even in bad weathers and thus ensuring safety by cutting down the chances of accidents.

Did you know that in the early 1930s, in the US, it was confirmed that there is more attraction in yellow colour than any other colours.

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