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Sports quiz

Level – Medium

Sports quiz . Let’s learn about sports in a fun way.

1. In which sport do we use the term silly point?


2. With which sport is the term butterfly stroke associated?


3. In which sport do we throw a ball into a raised that called a basket?


4. How many players are there on each side in Basketball?


5. In which country does Sumo, a form of wrestling, attract big enthusiastic crowds?


6. Which game resembling hockey is played on horseback with a long handled Mallet?


7. In which sport do we roll balls to try to knock down the 10 pins?


8. In which sports do players use curved sticks to try to hit a ball into their opponents goal?


9. How many holes are there in a golf course?


10. In the shot-put, what is a metal ball thrown by an athlete called?


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