Religious books quiz

World has many religions so are the holy books. Let’s check how much you know about the religions people follow across the globe.

1. Which of these religious texts are part of Buddhist tradition?


2. Which are the two holy books of Islam?


3. Name the sacred book of Christians ?


4. _____________ is the religious text of China and the religion is known as Taoism.


5. _______ is the religious book of Judaism and is considered second after Torah.


6. ___________ is an important source book for ceremonies, customs, divination, and magical practices followed in Japan by Shintos. 


7. Which book includes the law, teachings, and liturgy from the prophet Zarathustra and includes hymns, prayers and minor texts.


8. The sacred text first compiled between the year 1563 and 1606 by Guru Arjan, the fifth Sikh guru. It also includes the teachings of 13 Hindu Bhakti movements’ saints, and two from Islam. Which holy book we are referring to?


9. Who wrote Vedas and Upnishads?


10. Quran was first written in which language?


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