Plant Adaptations

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Plant adaptations

Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat.

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Aquatic plant, Lotus has hollow and spongy stem filled with air. What is the purpose of this feature?

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Plants in hilly areas have to bear high speed winds and cold. Which of the following adaptations best helps them face the above conditions?

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How are hardwood trees adapted to live in cold winters?

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A _______ plant has tubes to carry food, water, and minerals through a plant.

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How does a pitcher plant in the tropical rainforest get its food?

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Where are pointed leaves called drip-tips found?

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What helps to protect plants from the freezing cold of a tundra?

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Which of these is not an adaptation of Aquatic plants?

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Which is not an adaptation of plants growing in Tundra region?

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The plant shown in the image is adapted to grow in deserts as it has_______.

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Plant Adaptations

The ability of a plant to live in hot, dry or cold areas is called adaptation. Plants as well as animals develop adaptations to survive and flourish in different habitats. Plants have to survive in harsh weather conditions so they develop certain characteristics which aid them to adjust their surroundings. Not all plants can live in the same kind of habitat.. For example cactus plants can not survive in a rain forest habitat while Rubber Tree, which is a tropical rain forest habitat tree, can not survive in a desert habitat.

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