Phrasal Verbs on Clothing

Phrasal verb- Verb + preposition

1. Dress up

2. Button up/ Zip up/ Do up

3. Unbutton

4. Put on

5. Take off

6. Kick-off

7. Try on

8. Hang up

DRESS UP – to wear formal or nice clothes.

Dress up quickly.

I should dress up.

She is dressing up.

I am already dressed up.

I am not dressed up. Give me some time to be ready.

Why are you not dressing up?

Yeah, I have to dress up for the party.

Wow! here everybody is very dressed up.

BUTTON UP – to fasten something with buttons.

Button up your shirt/ coat.

He himself had buttoned up his shirt.

Why haven’t you buttoned up your coat?

I am buttoning up my shirt.

Don’t forget to button up your jeans.

Button up your coat Harry, it’s cold.

He makes sure to button up his dress shirt carefully before leaving for school.

ZIP UP- to fasten something with a zip.

Zip up your jacket.

Zip up. It’s cold

Akshay zips up his overcoat to get ready to go outside.

UNBUTTON- Opposite of button up

Unbutton your coat.

Unbutton the top button of your shirt.

One of the buttons of your shirt is unbuttoned.

PUT ON – to wear

Put on your favourite red shirt.

I put on my hat to block the sun.

Put on the shoes and run.

Have you put on the socks?

Haven’t you put on your socks?

I am putting on a red tie.

I am not putting on the jacket.

TAKE OFF- to remove

It’s warm out, so she took off her jacket.

I would like to take off my glasses.

Take off these glasses you look funny.

After wearing the black dress all day, she is finally ready to take it off

Take off your watch.

Please take off your shoes.

Try taking off your shoes and socks first.

KICK OFF- to remove one’s shoes by making a kicking motion

I kicked off my shoes.

She kicked off her shoes and started to dance.

Nik kicked off his hiking boots after a long hike.

TRY ON- to check and see how clothes and accessories fit and look

Try on this dress

Try on wearing these shoes.

At the shop, I tried on many clothes and eventually bought this top.

She’s trying on a new outfit.

He went to the store to try on some classy shirts.

I have tried on so many shoes and now I am confused.

I always try on clothes before buying them.

HANG UP (past-Hung up)- to place

Hang up the shirt.

Oh! your shirt is hanging here.

Did you hang up the shirt there?

Hang your coat up and come on in.

Let me hang up your raincoat.

I will hang up my jacket myself.

Hang up your shirt in the hanger.

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