Dressing Up Errors

Expressions for dressing up errors.

1.Tag is sticking out – tag is visible
2.Inside out– inside part faces outwards.
3.Backwards – reverse flip 
4.On the wrong – incorrect
5.Untied– not fastened or knotted
6.Undone – not tied or fastened.
7. Untucked – with the edges or ends hanging loose

Sentences for practice-

Your shirt tag is sticking out. Either remove it or you tuck it in.

Last Sunday at church there was a girl sitting in front of me with the tag clearly sticking out of her shirt.

Your shirt is inside out. Put it on properly.

Hang your clothes inside out.

Turn your clothes inside out before washing.

My pants are on backwards.

He is deliberately wearing a baseball cap backwards.

My new yoga pants weren’t the wrong size or style. I had them on backwards!

Today, I saw someone wearing a t-shirt backwards.

Your shoes are on the wrong foot. Put it on the right foot.

His mitten is on the wrong hand.Put it on the right hand.

My shoelace is untie. I can fall so please let me tie it up.

Your shoelaces are untied. Tie them into a bow.

Your zip’s undone at the back.

His tie was undone.

The top button of his shirt was undone.

Your shirt is untucked. Tuck it in!

This t-shirt can be worn either informally untucked or more formally tucked in.

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