How water is a universal Solvent?

Water is a universal solvent, it is capable of dissolving most of the substances found on earth. Where ever water goes either through the ground or though our bodies, it takes along valuable minerals, chemicals and nutrients.

What is a solvent ?
Solvent is the dissolving agent, the major component in which solute, the minor component is dissolved. Solvent and solute together form a solution.
Solvents can be liquid, solid or gasses.

The main reason of water being a universal solvent is its polar nature which let it form hydrogen bonds easily. The property of forming hydrogen bonds with other molecules make it a versatile solvent.

Due to its polar nature the molecules are asymmetrically charged, they have negative free charge at one end and positive charge at the other as a result the molecules attract both positive ions and negative ions
Water can dissolve polar or ionic substances but cannot dissolve nonpolar substances. Most substances in nature are polar therefore water dissolve more substances and is the versatile solvent

The scientific name of water is H2O. An individual water molecule has a bent shape with the H-O-H bond. Oxygen and has a slightly negative charge while hydrogen has. a slightly positive charge.

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