How do fish sleep?

Fish sleep with open eyes

Many of us wonder how do fish sleep as none of us has seen their closed eyes. People who keep fish as pet always wonder when do they sleep and how?

So here is the answer….

Body demands rest. All living beings need to rest down to grow and recharge themselves. Fish are not at bay they also need to sleep. The only thing is that they have a different way of sleeping.

First we need to understand what sleep is. Closing eyes does not symbolizes sleeping. Sleep is a period when activity and metabolism slow downs as a way to conserve energy and restore the body.

Fish do sleep but with open eyes as they lack eyelids (except for few species of sharks) so the question of closing eyes while sleeping becomes meaningless as in absence of eyelids eyes can not be closed.

The amount of time fish sleeps differs from specie to specie but they have regular period of reduced activity. When fish are sleeping their movements become too less. They hover at the bottom and do not give much response.

While sleeping some fish float in place, some wedge themselves into a secure spot in the mud or coral, and some even locate a suitable nest. Most of the fish move their fins while sleeping in order to breathe properly.

So next time when you see a fish hovering at the bottom in a state where she is ignoring almost everything- the food you offer, the water current, movements of near by fish, then you can make out that the fish is sleeping. ffffff

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