Grammatical Errors- 1

Incorrect:  I have a good news for you.
Correct:      I have good news for you .
IncorrectMyself Rahul.
Correct: My name is Rahul.
Incorrect:  He is my cousin brother.
Correct: He is my cousin.
Incorrect:  What is your good name?
Correct: What is your name?
Incorrect:  What are your discussing about?
Correct: What are your discussing?
Incorrect:  I am going to give an exam.
Correct: I am going to take an exam. (appear for exam/ sit for exam)
Incorrect:  Today is his marriage anniversary.
Correct: Today is his wedding anniversary.
Incorrect:  I saw a dream.
Correct: I had a dream.
Incorrect:  I got my hairs cut.
Correct: I got my hair cut.
Incorrect:  I am having two sisters.
Correct: I have two sisters.
Incorrect:  One of my student got selected in the cricket team.
Correct: One of my students got selected in cricket team.
Incorrect:  He do not have pencil.
Correct: He does not have pencil.
Incorrect:  She do not has a pen.
Correct: She does not have a pen.
IncorrectDoes she has a pen?
Correct: Does she have a pen?
IncorrectHe do not have a pen.
Correct: He does not have a pen.
Incorrect: She is married with a dentist.
Correct: She is married to a dentist.
Incorrect: He is married with a lawyer.
Correct: He is married to a lawyer.
Incorrect: It was tough decision.
Correct: It was a tough decision.
Incorrect: There is no space in the hall.
Correct: There is no room in the hall.

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