Grammatical Errors-2

Incorrect:  Please pass on the informations to her.
Correct:      Please pass on the information to her.
Incorrect:  I’ve got many homeworks for this week.
Correct: I’ve got a lot of homework for this week.
Incorrect:  Water boil at 100 degree Celsius.
Correct: Water boils at 100 degree Celsius.
Incorrect:  She is very week to talk.
Correct: She is too weak to talk.
Incorrect:  I felt so lonely.
Correct: I felt very lonely.
Incorrect:  She plays tennis good.
Correct: She plays tennis well.
Incorrect:  He write.
Correct: He writes.
Incorrect:  He hit me strongly.
Correct: He hit me hard.
Incorrect:  She married old.
Correct: She married late in life.
Incorrect:  Lets begin from page 5.
Correct: Lets begin at page 5. / Lets start on page 5.
Incorrect:  He like cheese.
Correct: He likes cheese.
Incorrect:  He is more tall.
Correct: He is taller.
Incorrect:  He is most tall.
Correct: He is the tallest.
Incorrect:  I speak english good.
Correct: I speak good English. / I speak English fluently.
IncorrectEvery students like the teacher.
Correct: Every student likes the teacher.
Incorrect: I look forward to meet you.
Correct: I look forward to meeting you.
Incorrect: Where I can find a bank?
Correct: Where can I find a bank?
Incorrect: I have been here since three months.
Correct: I have been here for three months.
Incorrect: She does not listen me.
Correct: She doesn’t listen to me.

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