Feeding Habits of Animals

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We all need food to grow. Without water and food we cannot survive for a longer time.

Animals are categorized according to the type of food they eat.

Herbivores : Animals like cows , buffaloes , sheep etc., that eat plants.
Carnivores : Animals like lions, tigers, etc., that prey on and eat other animals.
Omnivores : Animals like bears, crows etc., that eat both plants and animals.
Scavengers : Animals like vultures and jackals that eat dead and left over animals generally preyed on by carnivores.

All animals have different kind of teeth that are adapted to eating certain types of food.

For instance- Herbivores, the are plant eaters, have strong and flat molars that are made for grinding leaves and small or non-existent canine teeth.

Carnivores, the meat eaters of the animal world, have very defined canine teeth for tearing at meat, combined with a sometimes limited number of molars.

Omnivores, because they eat both meat and plants, have a combination of sharp front teeth and molars for grinding.

Now lets learn about the ways in which animals eat/feed.

  1. Gnawing– Animals like squirrels, rabbits and rats feed on hard grains and nuts. They have very sharp front cutting teeth which let them grind the nuts, seeds and fruits.
  2. Swallowing– Animals who don’t have biting or chewing teeth swallow their food whole. Snakes, frogs and lizards are some of the examples.
  3. Tear and Chew– Flesh-eating animals like dogs, cats, crocodiles, bear, lions and tigers have special long, pointed teeth with which they tear their flesh. They also have strong grinding teeth to chew the meat and bones.
  4. Sucking– insects like bees, butterflies and mosquitoes have a long tube to suck nectar and blood.
  5. Chewing the cud- Animals like cows and buffaloes have a special way of eating their food. Firstly, they swallows their food without chewing it and then after sometime, they brings back their unchewed food into their mouth and chews it properly with the back grinding teeth. This method of eating is known as chewing the cud.

Some interesting facts

  • Cats only partially chew their food. They basically break it into smaller chunks and swallow it as their teeth are designed for biting and shredding rather than chewing.
  • Dogs and cats lap up milk and water with their tongues.
  • A snake can swallow animals who are quite bigger than its own size.
  • Animals like frogs have a long sticky tongue to catch its prey. When a frog spots an insect, it sticks out its tongue and catches its prey, then it rolls back its tongue back into its mouth.

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