Days, Seasons and Year

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Days and Seasons

Days, seasons and years are all based on the movement of Earth while orbiting the Sun. The Earth also spins on its axis once every day so one half is in shadow (night) whilst the other half receives the light of the Sun. Many people enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset and the changing seasons without ever thinking of how they are caused. You will know from science lessons that the Sun does not really 'rise' or 'set' in the sky. It appears that the Sun orbits the earth but it's actually the other way round.

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What is the spinning of planets, on its axis called?

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What is the time it takes a planet to complete one full rotation on its axis?

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Which of the following causes the seasons to change?

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How long does it take the Earth to rotate once on its axis?

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What is the time it takes Earth to complete a full revolution around the sun?

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What is it called when the sunlight shines equally on the Southern and Northern Hemispheres?

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What causes day and night?

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We know Earth's axis is tilted but what exactly is the angle of Earth's tilt on its axis?

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The seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are the opposite of those in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that in Argentina and Australia, winter begins in _________.

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If it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?

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What is it called when the sunlight reaches more of one hemisphere than the other?

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Earth's temperature and hours of daylight stay the most constant at the ____________.

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Night time is longest on Earth during which season?

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Daylight on Earth is longest during which season?

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The Earth's tilt and revolution causes seasons.

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The rotation of Earth is not responsible for day and night.

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It is hotter at the equator than at the poles because the direct rays hit the equator all year.

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