Conductors and Insulators

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Conductors and Insulators

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Materials which allow electric current to pass through them are called _____.

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Do all metals are the electric current to pass through them?

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Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?

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Is a non metal CARBON (Graphite), a conductor of electricity?

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The electric wires are made of metals like Copper and Aluminium because they are ___ but the outer covering of electric wire is made of plastic because plastic is ___.

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Insulators allow us to handle current carrying wires, switches, plugs and sockets safely.

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Which type of materials allow electricity to flow freely?

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What types of materials are resistant to the flow of electricity?

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Which of these is the most conductive element?

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What we call a material that has no resistance at all

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Which metal is the most commonly used conductor in electronic wiring and circuits?

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Which element is a good electrical semi conductor?

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Is iron a conductor or insulator?

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Which of these material is an electric conductor?

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Rubber is an insulator of electric energy

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An insulator is a type of material that allows heat to escape from an object quickly.

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A Conductor is a material that can conduct Electric Current easily, because its Resistance to flow of Current is low.  Many Conductors are metallic, like copper , iron etc. but there are some non-metallic Conductors too, like carbon and argon

An insulator is a material that does not conduct electrical current. It restrict the flow of current.

Insulating materials include paper, plastic, rubber, glass and air.

Materials that have high resistance to electric current are called electric insulators. Insulators are placed in household items and electrical circuits as protection.

Thermal insulation is similar, but it constricts the flow of heat rather than electricity. .

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