Why birds don’t get shock when they sit on Electric wires?

Birds shockproof

Observing birds sitting, chirping, singing joyously and relaxing on that dangerous electric or telephonic wires makes us curious to know how? How on landing the same wire which humans dare to touch does not affect the birds. Let’s seek why birds don’t get shocked by touching electric wires.

Why Birds Don’t Get Electrocuted on Electric Wires?

Before we begin let us understand what Electrocution is?

Electrocution is death or severe injury caused by the electric shock when an electric current passes through the body. Electrocution happens from being hit by lightning or coming into contact with high or low voltages. Death is caused by voltage over 1000 volts while below 1000 volts which are considered as low voltage rarely results in death but definitely it results in minor thermal burns and sensations.

Reason- Why birds don’t get shock when they sit on Electric wires?

There is no current running through the bird’s body for two reasons.

The first reason is that the bird’s body has a high resistance, so the current would rather pass through the wire instead of the bird. Electricity flows along the path of least resistance.

The second and the most important reason behind this miracle looking thing is the birds’ smartness to perch on these power lines. Birds are smart enough to keep both their feet on the same wire and this habit of their’s ensures negligible voltage supply to surpass current.

Birds are not shockproof

Yes, some birds do make a mistake and get penalized by giving their lives away. If they either sit on two different wires simultaneously or they touch a pole and wire at the same time or they keep contact with the wire and simultaneously with something touching the ground, then they may get electrocuted.

The thumb rule of science suggests that like water travels from high elevation to low elevation similarly electricity travels from a place of high voltage to low voltage.

If any living entity touching a wire in which current is flowing from high voltage to low voltage and at the same time it touches a grounded metal object (a place with no voltage), than that human, animal or bird gets the shock due to which it may die . It creates a path that allows the electricity to travel through that body and into the place with no voltage.

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