Animals Adaptations


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Animal Adaptations

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What does adaptation mean?

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Sharks are great swimmers because they have adapted _____ to help them swim.

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Some animals go in deep sleep when the outside climate is cold. This is known as___________

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This is a period of deep sleep that occurs in some animals when outside temperatures are hot: ______

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Camouflage is a kind of adaptation in which an organism deceives others by merging its colour with the colour of its surroundings. Which of the following colours will best suit a chameleon to hide from its enemies on a log of wood?

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Which of the following is the ability of an animal to fit into its surroundings?

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Animals living in the Arctic have fur which changes in certain way over the course of the year. What kind of adaptation is observed in polar bears?

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How adaptations are beneficial to animals?

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Porcupines use _______ as a defense.

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_________ is a behavioral adaptation in which animals travel elsewhere to find a new place to live.This helps some animals to cope with the climate and find places to obtain food and have their young.

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Giraffes are able to eat acacia leaves because of their _________ necks.

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Skunks are famous for the way they defend themselves against predators. If threatened, they

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